In the cozy surroundings our masseurs and beauty specialists perform all the spa treatments we offer here at Beauty and Spa. We use the award winning cosmetics from Éminence. Products that are organic, vegan and without paraben and artifisial colors. With Éminence products your skin will feel silky smooth and radiant and your experience is completely unique. Included in all our spa treatments is access to the spa.
Whether there are individuals or groups, we welcome you.
We recommend that people take their time at the spa before our treatments so the experience will be more effective and pleasant.


Coco Luscious
Refining & hydrating body treatment
What better way to recall tropical holidays with this scrumptious selection to help protect and nourish your skin. Rejuvenate your skin from head to toe with an exfoliating body treatment of raw cane sugar and rich virgin coconut oils. Wrap yourself in a mango cocoon, brimming with enzymes to dissolve dryness. Then finish with a luxurious full body massage of watermelon, papaya and virgin coconut oils to return firmness and deep moisture.
60 min. 14.900.-


Sellulite Busting
Body wrap
The natural, organic way to target cellulite and firm up that stubborn skin tissue. First we wrap you in a stimulating mix of herbs and spices to increase circulation, then follow with a deep tissue massage using a firming and warming body lotion. This herbal wrap is extremely active and delivers beautiful results, best seen over a course of 4-6 treatments.
Buttock and thighs – 8.900.-
Buttock, thighs and stomach – 9.900.-
Buttock, thighs, stomach and upper arms – 10.900.-
20% discount when taken as a treatment.