Permanent makeup/Tattoo

So-called permanent makeup has become extremely popular not only for people who lose their eyebrows caused by chemotherapy or disease but also those who want to sharpen the lines of the eyebrows and eye area for Cosmetic reason. Great for people who engage in outdoor activities and sports.

The most popular tattoo today is MICRO-Blading HAIR STROKE TREATMENT for eyebrows. Also we offer Micro-Blading for eyebrows with 3 dimensional effects. Micro-Blading can be done even though no hair is at the brow area and also to make thinning edges look more full. This looks very natural and beautiful. Micro-Blading is an exelent choice for men who have thin eyebrows or edges.

Tattoo around the eyes (eyeliner) we do in several ways: Thin line on the eyelids and under the eyes. Thick line on the eyelids and the line under the eyes is often just drawn halfway and allowed to fade out. Latino eye line on the eyelids.

We can correct various blemishes with tattoos for example; put color in scars that are often white and color a new nipple (instead of a skin transplant) for women with breast inplant after cancer surgery.
All treatments are done in consultation with the customer in terms of both color and shape. We use very good anesthetic cream there for you will feel litle or no pain during the treatment. This tattoo treatment don‘t go as deep down in to the skin as normal tattoo there for it lasts for ca 2-3 years because no ink is put in the PHI BROWS Colors. It is easy to sharpen up older tattoo.

Note: Operating license is required from the Ministry of Health to work with tattoos. Let a professional tattoo specialist take care of your appearance. We are licensed tattoo therapists at the Health Insurance of Iceland. A refund for women in cancer treatment can be made if you return an invoice to the Health Insurance of Iceland.

It‘s very important to choose the right color to get the most beautiful outcome. That’s why we offer the renowned label of Permanent Make-up, PHI BROWS, that are specially designed color scheme and beautiful high quality colors that are considered the best on the market today. The colors have been tested for color stability, safety and lasting result.
PHI BROWS colors are produced according to the same rigorous standards as the equipment this company make. Our high standard of control ensures that only the finest pigments are used to blend the colors. All colors are tested for their chemical composition and structure, contamination, crystal form, color depth and purity. For the long term durability, color depth and to last long is the main key. PHI BROWS uses a special manufacturing process to maximize the quality of the colors. The color panel is specially designed to achieve that natural look and long lasting results.

Permanent makeup (tattoo)

Eyebrows “Micro blading” 2 times
120 min. 72.000.

Eye Line 2 time
120 min. 72.000.

The repair of older tattoos from us, 1 time
90 min. 45.000.

The repair of older tattoos from another, 1 time
90 min. 55.000.

Microblade eyebrow tattoo appointment 3
60 min. 45.000.

Tinting eyelashes/eyebrows
Tinting for either the eyelashes/eyebrows. The brows are nicely reshaped by plucking or waxing unwanted hair.
We only use wax for sensitive skin. Softening eye cream is applied after the treatment. Time 30 minutes.

Plucking of the eyebrows
The brows are nicely reshaped to fit each individuals face structure, either with wax or plucked. Time 30 minutes.

Tinting eyelashes/eyebrows, plucking/wax
60 min. 7.900.
Tinting eyelashes, plucking/wax
30 min. 6.900.
Tinting eyebrows, plucking/wax
30 min. 6.900.
Plucking/wax shaping of brows
30-45 min. from 5.900-9.900

Luxurious Tinting and Plucking/wax

The Brows are shaped with wax or plucked and then tinted with warm brown color. Eyelashes are tinted with deep blue/black color. Relaxing massage on your shoulders while the color is working. Luxurious Éminence Raspberry Eye Masque gently massaged around the eye area. Finishing with a rejuvenating Éminence Wild Plum Eye Cream.

60 min. 17.900.

Lash Lift, lash and eyebrow tinting

We use special designed rolls on the eyelashes and permanent liquid. The eyelashes become beautifully curled to make the eyes look brighter and more open. Can be placed in both long and short eyelashes. Comfortable and painless treatment. Lasts for 6-8 weeks. Tinting for the eyelashes and eyebrows.

60 min. 20.900.