ÉPI-LAST – Permanent hair removal
Épi-Las is a safe and effective method to reduce unwanted face and body hair. It uses only natural enzymes similar to those already existing in the human body.
We offer a Bio-based hair reduction as a safe alternative to IPL and laser hair removal. Épi-Last works effectively for all skin and hair types including dark skin tones and bright hair colors.
All Épi-Last products can be used on all body areas, including the face and the more intimate areas.
Épi-Last can be used on:

  • All skin types and skin tones
  • All hair types and hair color
  • All body parts
  • Can also be used on very fine hair

Épi-Last (women and men)
upper lip
30 min. 10.900.
30 min. 10.900.
30 min. 10.900.
Chin and neck
30 min. 15.900.
Chin and upper lip
30 min. 15.900.
30 min. 13.900.
Whole face
45 min. 20.900. – 24.000.

Épi-Last (women)
Half arm wax
60 min. 24.000.
Armpits wax
30 min. 14.000.
Bikini wax
30-45 min. 18.900. – 24.000.
Half leg wax
30 min. 26.000.
Whole leg
60 min. 37.000.

Epi-Last (men)
Back, chest, shoulders
30-60 min. 19.900 – 45.000.

Wax treatments
To remove the hair with wax only removes the hair temporarily because the hair is removed from the root follicles. It takes about two to eight weeks for the hair to grow back in the area that was waxed.

Good to know before waxing:

  • The hair must be about 2-4 mm in length. Most people need to let the hair grow for about two to three weeks after they shaved last
  • Avoid sunbathing or going to the solarium 24 hours before and after waxing
  • Avoid showering, swimming or going to the gym 24 hours after waxing
  • Avoid using facial cream or body lotion 24 hours after waxing
  • Because of the increased sensitivity of the skin when drugs such as Retin-A, Accutane og other antibiotics are used, we do not recommend that you come for a facial wax because of the risk of burning or peeling

Half leg
30 min. 8.900.
Half leg and bikini wax
30 min. 14.900.
Full leg
60 min. 13.900.
Full leg and bikini wax
60 min. 17.900.
Bikini wax
30 min. 7.900.

Armpits wax
30 min. 7.900.

Face wax
Upper lip
30 min. 6.900.
Upper lip and chin
30 min. 7.900.
Whole face (a lot)
45 min. 8.900.

Chocolate wax
Brazilian wax (almost all the way)
60 min. 11.900.
Brazilian wax (to return within 6 weeks)
60 min. 10.900.
Hollywood (all the way)
60 min. 12.900.
Hollywood wax (to return within 6 weeks)
60 min. 11.900.
Bikini Line 6.900.
Armpits wax
30 min. 7.900.
Half arm wax
30 min. 7.900.
Back wax or Chest wax
30 min. 11.900.
Back & chest wax
45 min. 16.900.